Brazilian Doctor Says Dana White’s Wrong, Aldo Has Rib Fracture

Jose Aldo


UFC president Dana White told fans yesterday, during a live Q&A, that Jose Aldo has bruised ribs not broken ones. He also mentioned that the scans and photos that Aldo released of his ribs actually show an old injury.

Well, a Brazilian doctor, Dr. Rickson Moraes, who was the first to diagnose Aldo with broken ribs, says that’s just not true.

Moraes told MMAFighting:

“It’s hard for a doctor to evaluate an injury by looking at a medical report only. Aldo has an occult rib fracture and the MRI shows that, but I believe the UFC only got the x-ray exams at first.”

“I examined Aldo again when they had doubts. He has an acute injury, and you can have it exactly where you had injuries before. That’s what happened. He had an injury there before, and fractured a rib this time.”

Will we ever know exactly what’s up with Aldo’s ribs? Who cares, UFC 189 is tonight, get pumped!


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