Brazilian Commission Won’t Be Overturning Dober Stoppage


“We can’t change the result. There are three cases where the result can be changed: when the scorecards indicate a different result; when there’s collusion between judges, when they decide who’s going to win, something that happens outside (of Brazil) with betting; and when the failure in the interpretation of the referee that generates a different result than was to have been.

“That was an error of fact. The error of the rule is when there is a failure in the interpretation of the law. We have to review the fight, the referee’s position, which body signals the athlete had, indicating that he passed out or not. Some factors have to be analyzed. But it was not an error of the rule, and had nothing to do with the interpretation of the rule. Today, by the standard of the athletic commission protocol worldwide, there is no way we can change this result. But we have to sit down, discuss and review. Rule is one thing, his performance is another. They are distinct. That’s not the case here, so Leandro ‘Buscape’s’ win will likely be maintained.”

In a new statement to the Brazilian media, CABMMA COO, Cristiano Sampaio says they will not overturn last weekend’s controversial Dober stoppage. (Replay HERE).