Brazilian Athletic Commission Chairman On Dober Stoppage: ‘I Can’t Talk Now’

Drew Dober WINS

Unfortunately after last nights UFC Fight Night 62 the conversation was less on the actual fights and more on a certain referee’s mind-numbing stoppage.

The preliminary fight between UFC lightweights Drew Dober and Leandro Silva ended with a second-round submission because the referee, Eduardo Hendy, believed Dober was unconscious due to being in a guillotine choke. The problem, Dober was very much not unconscious and was actually working to free himself and advance positions.

The MMA community seem to agree that the stoppage was fraudulent and that includes UFC president Dana White who made his feelings known via Twitter.

After the fight, chairman of the Brazilian Athletic Commission, or CABMMA, Rafael Favetti, spoke about the controversial stoppage and what can be done about it.

“Every fighter that loses a fight has the right to appeal if they feel they have a case. In any fight, you have the right to appeal explaining why the result should change. For now, we have nothing. For now, the referee’s decision stands.”

And his thoughts on the stoppage?

“I’m the one who judges the cases, so I can’t make comments on that right now. As the judge of the case, it’s super simple. We have details that might change or not the result to a no-contest. If that’s not the case, the fight is good. So I can’t talk now or I’ll be suspect when I judge it.”

Will this fight get overturned or will the horrible stoppage stand? Only time will tell.

[Source: MMAFighting]


By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter