Braulio Estima fires back at Cesar Gracie | MMA NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis
Braulio Estima, the man Nick Diaz was supposed to fight (key words supposed to) in a BJJ superfight this past weekend, fired back at Cesar Gracie today via Twitter.

Since Nick skipped the fight, nobody has heard from him, and it appears that he is hiding from the public eye, leaving coach Cesar Gracie to defend him and salvage what he can of Nick’s reputation.

The following is a statement posted to Twitter by Estima, due to Twitter’s character limit Estima shortened words, I revised it in order to make it more readable, but didn’t change anything else.

@CesarGracieBJJ Hi C├ęsar I was reading your statement. Very interesting points.. 1st- When junior approached me to offer me the fight I was actually training at the blackzilians at the time so obviously I was training MMA. Junior told me about Nick not wanting to fight an MMA fighter. I never fought before so he said it was fine, and why didn’t you cancel the fight before if this was really an issue..?? 2nd- nobody has ever bended any rules for me. Because there was no rules set to start off with, it wasn’t going to be a UFC match, but a superfight at a BJJ Expo so the whole point here was for us to show a fight..has Nick signed a contract that stated the date time and weight that we both need to reach? I didn’t. And since this whole thing was going to be a friendly event I really don’t see any issue here even if Nick turned up 10lbs overweight. Still, when I was asked to, I went and dropped the weight to meet the requirement. Actually to put things straight it was myself that called Junior around 10pm Friday to check if there is going to be a weigh in at all. He kept contacting you and got back to me saying I need to be 180 that time, of course I said I can’t for the simple reason I was away in Irvine and it was already late at night but I said sure no problem I’ll make it first thing in the morning if needed, even if it would put me in a bigger disadvantage, I didn’t care, I just came to fight. Junior had actually called me back no later than midnight, saying that he spoke to you and confirmed the weigh in for 10am. Besides when did Nick actually weigh in? And who witnessed that if we are being so strict and proffessional? 3rd – you are saying Nick had left by 10am Saturday morning? Why did you never said anything then? I even told you I’d like to see him and his weight and you said he’s not gonna come down because he ate already and wouldn’t make the weight anymore. And Lana after speaking to you called his room and said he was actually there sleeping. Nobody at any point had mentioned he could have left. Leaving me believing we would fight till the very last minute, now youre talking about lack of profesionalism in the organization of the superfight and this was very professional behaviour right? There is many more points here that I don’t agree with but I am just fed up of this whole situation and don’t agree for anyone to ever release the blame from Nick for whatever reason, we were there to fight and that’s what should happen no excuses, we are both professional athletes and should respect one another no matter what. And this is inexcusable.

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