Boxing Coaching Legend Freddie Roach Calls Bisping KO Rumors “Not True”

Michael Bisping was put in news recently as he attempted to disprove a rumor that had been circulating that he had gotten knocked out in a sparring session after he disrespected a member of the gym.

The gym in question is the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, California. As for the rumor, a supposedly disrespectful Bisping had gotten a change of opponent during a sparring session. The new opponent was said to be of a much higher level than the previous one, and had also been told to knock Bisping out by a member of the coaching staff.

Now, famed boxing coach Freddie Roach has seemingly come to Bisping’s aid, discrediting the rumors.  Roach operates the Wild Card Boxing Club and was recently asked to substantiate the rumors via his official Twitter account.

Roach responded with a simple “Not true” when asked:

This may put an end to the rumor that seems to have been all but quelled by strong words from Bisping and a concise response from Roach.


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