BOXING BEAT: De La Hoya –– ‘Mayweather Went Out With Firecracker, Not A Bang’

We know one person who’s extremely happy that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has retired. Legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya is happy to see Mayweather gone and hopes he never makes a comeback.

That’s what he told when they asked him if he thought, like many do, that the undefeated boxer would be making a comeback to get that record-breaking 50th win.

De La Hoya also talked about how Mayweather went out, with his 12 round decision win over Andre Berto. De La Hoya described his last fight as a firecracker, instead of a big bang. It’s clear he wasn’t to thrilled about the Berto fight and honestly he’s not to thrilled about Mayweather in general, but, we already knew that.

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“It wasn’t a guy going out with a big bang. It was a guy going out with a little fire cracker. Good for him. He’s now retired, so now we move on to the good stuff.”

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