Bonnar: Tito’s ‘the biggest a**hole the sport’s ever known’

“He’s just fishing for something. The bottom line is [wrestling coach] Paul Herrera is not working with him. Paul Herrera’s working with me on my wrestling defense and what Tito’s good at.

“I could watch Tito’s fights. I know them all. I know his double leg, his underhook to knee tap. We worked on defending his game. If it is true, it doesn’t matter because my wrestling got a lot better working with Paul Herrera. No one else can be in the cage with Tito.”

“It’s a big fight. It’s what I wanted. I can’t ask for anything more. It’s a blessing. I’m getting paid money to punch Tito Ortiz, probably the biggest a**hole the sport’s ever known. Someone’s going to pay me to do that? That’s truly a blessing.”

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