Bocek: ‘You Deserve To Lose If You’re Not On PEDs’

Recently retired Mark Bocek is taking quite the opposite stance on PEDs from most of his peers. While Bocek retired because he didn’t want to do PEDs, he says that without them, one deserves to lose.

His words:

“I’m a realistic person, and I look at it like I could do all the PEDs on the planet and still be able to compete with guys, but if I don’t, it’s just not going to happen,” Bocek told MMAjunkie. “I’d rather go out like this with a good memory of the sport. I didn’t want to leave with a sour feeling on the sport, with a loss, with hating the sport. So I guess the difference between me and everyone is I’m just a little more realistic. In the end, not everybody becomes the champion.”

“I think it’s worse than people realize,” Bocek said. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the way things are going, you kind of deserve to lose if you’re not on PEDs nowadays. I used to think of it as cheating, but you can’t call it cheating when everyone is doing it. You go in there and lose to someone on PEDs, it’s like, what did you expect? Did you think you were going to knock out some guy on PEDs in the highest MMA league in the world? People get away with cheating in the Olympics, which has much stricter testing than in the UFC, so you can imagine what people get away with in the UFC.

“I can’t put numbers on it. I’ve trained at the top five MMA camps on the planet, but I’d never mention any names. There are genetic freaks out there. There are always exceptions. But look at Tour de France. If you want a clean guy, let’s go down to No. 28. There are fighters that don’t use, but the way the sport’s highly evolved now, the clean guys are getting farther and fewer between.”

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