Bobby Green Slams Donald Cerrone, Claims Cowboy Is A Racist

Bobby Green has some harsh accusations for Donald Cerrone, including that Cerrone was making racist comments towards Green at the UFC Fan Expo, and that Cowboy was groping women at the Expo.

He spoke about the incident on The MMA Hour saying:

“He just said some racist stuff,” Green said. “He said stuff like, random racist stuff like ‘we gotta check him, we gotta check him, you know how black people like to steal.’ I’m like ‘what the,’ and I’m getting hot in front of thousands of people, all these people are here for the signing and they’re going ‘ohhhh’ and ‘ooooh’ and ‘ahhh.'”

“His boy [Isaac] Vallie-Flagg [said] ‘he had a little bit to drink,’ he’s like ‘let it go,’ I’m like ‘man, I’m not tripping’ and I’m laughing it off like ‘hahaha. It’s cool.’ But inside, the real dude inside of me, we don’t let that kind of s– go, you know? I want to get his ass. But at the same time I’m like ‘play it cool, don’t make waves.'”

The two were supposed to fight at UFC 178, however the signing of Eddie Alvarez left Green opponent-less.

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