’s FIST-ta-CUFF Radio Show 203: Erik Koch, Pascal Krauss, AJ Matthews, & Travis “Hapa” Browne

While you wait for this weeks episode to air on Sunday, get caught up on last Sundays episode below. You won’t be disappointed.

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This week we kick things off with a man who has become a staple of FIST-ta-CUFF Radio over the year, and all we can say is get ready for the “NewBreed.” Erik Koch is opening the show and we can’t wait. Koch is set to take on Dustin Poirier August 31 at UFC 164. We will talk to Erik about his upcoming fight, getting a chance to fight in front of his home crowd, getting a second chance at this fight with Dustin, and of course how camp has been with having his teammates fighting on the same card. Erik has been out of the cage since January we will discuss what he has learned in the time off and how hungry he is to get back into the cage and pick up his next win. Get over to Twitter and make sure to follow Erik on Twitter @NewBreed04

Our next guest has no problem rolling over the competition and with that being said his nickname fits him perfectly. Pascal “Panzer” Krauss is our second guest of the night and the second guest set to step in the Octagon at UFC 164. Pascal’s journey into combat sports started when he began boxing at 14. Pascal won a German junior boxing title and a second place in the International German Championships. With the loss in the International German Championship being the only loss on his record. Pascal began working his ground game in 2007 and since has worked with some amazing people and was awarded his blue belt by Roberto “Gordo” Correa. We will talk to Pascal about his early days boxing in Germany, his journeys learning and training BJJ, how he landed at RoufuSport, and his MMA Career. With Pascal taking on Hyun Gyu Lim we will talk the match up, how the match up came about, and his goals for the rest of the year. Follow Pascal on Twitter @pascalkrauss

This year was the first year of Bellator testing the waters with their brand and reality TV combining to make “Fight Master.” Everyone waited to see who would be a part of the show, how the show would actually look when the final product was finished, and if it could breathe new life into the MMA reality world. With the season nearing it’s final weeks the verdict might still be out on how fans feel about the show, but the verdict is not still out on our inside man AJ Matthews. AJ has been our man on the inside of the warehouse all season and we couldn’t be more proud of him and how he has shown heart and grit all season. AJ will break down this upcoming weeks episode and all the things that you didn’t see on TV. AJ brings it each and every week and while you wait for Sunday to get here go follow AJ on Twitter @AJ_MMA if you aren’t already.

Wrapping up the show is a man coming off a win that put all UFC Heavy Weights on Notice. Travis “Hapa” Browne is stopping back in the shop and coming off the biggest win of his career. Travis just took on Alistair Overeem and finished the fight in the first round with a devastating front kick. We will talk to Travis about the fights coming about, his thoughts at weigh ins, of course everything leading up to the fight including the walk out, and everything that happened in the cage. We will talk to Travis about who he wants next, if he’s ready for the top 5, and we will even open the phone lines for a few of your questions @TravisBrowneMMA

The show starts at 7:30 PM PST 10:30 PM EST and Phone lines are open all show (347) 633-9597 and we love to have listeners voice your thoughts and get in your questions. Follow us on twitter @FISTtaCUFFRadio (Anton) @FISTtaCUFF (Drew) and follow the site @BJPennDotCom. You can also follow us on Instagram @FISTtaCUFF (Anton) @FISTtaCUFFRadio (Drew)

Listen to internet radio with FIST TA CUFF RADIO on Blog Talk Radio
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