Presents FIST-ta-CUFF Radio Show 207: Ricky Lundell, Saad Awad, Chris Beal, Joe Taimanglo

While you wait for this weeks episode to air on Sunday, get caught up on last Sundays episode below. You won’t be disappointed.

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Frank Mir, Erik Perez, Joe Lauzon and Carlos Condit have all had our first guest in their corner in the last few months, but he has also made two back to back appearances as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Ricky Lundell is opening the show and if you aren’t familiar with Ricky and his resume let me give you a few of his credentials. Ricky has the honor of being the youngest North American to received a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (he’s now a second degree black belt.) Lundell is also a two-time Pancrase World Champion and an Absolute Pancrase World Champion, oh he has also taken gold in the FILA World Grappling Championship, TWICE! Ricky is the 1st D-1 Wrestler to ever be recruited having only Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Grappling experience and no folkstyle match experience. We will talk to Ricky about his time working with some of the biggest names in the sport, his days wrestling, and of course his time in the sport of BJJ. Ricky is the owner of The University of Grappling and you know we have to talk to him about the school and leaving it for two seasons of TUF. Get ready to listen to an interview with a coach that is making a huge impact on the sport, but before that happens get over to Twitter and follow Ricky on Twitter @Rickylundell

It’s time for Bellator season nine lightweight tournament and that means we had to bring back Saad Awad. Saad was on a tear last year before a very controversial stoppage resulted in Saad losing the season 8 final to David Rickels. We will talk to Saad about how he has used the last six months to get ready for another run in the sports toughest tournament, how he feels he stacks up with this seasons other competitors like John Alessio, Rich Clementi, and of course his first opponent Martin Stapleton. We will talk with Saad about how Stapleton has taken 5 fights within 6 month and is currently on a 8 fight win streak. This is Saad’s second Bellator tournament so we will pick his brain on how his previous knowledge can be helpful, what he will be doing different this time around, and how he sees this tournament being different then the last. Saad brought it the last time he was on the show and the last time he was in a Bellator tournament and I don’t see either of those things changing this time around. Follow Saad on Twitter @SAADMMA

Kicking off the second hour is a man who earned his spot on The Ultimate Fighter 18 in the first episode and he did it in fashion. What else would you expect from “The Real Deal?” Chris Beal is back this week to talk the third episode of this season and it’s a very important episode as Chris is set to fight. We will talk the whole episode in detail from what you see on the show and the things that didn’t make it past the cutting room floor. We will talk with Chris about how this fight was different for him then the fight that earned his spot on the show. Chris will share with us the process of getting ready for a fight inside the house, not having your coaches, teammates, and fans around with so much on the line and more. If you want to hear one of the most inspiring stories in the sport then do not miss this interview. Make sure to get over to Twitter and follow Chris @RealDealCBeal.

Our last guest has no problem calling himself “a little guy from a little island,” but just remember big things come in little packages. Joe Taimanglo is coming off an impressive win at Bellator 99 against Andrew Fisher where he secured a win in the opening round of the Bellator featherweight-tournament. The win pushed Joe’s current win streak to 10 and one step closer to winning this years tournament and collecting that 100,000 dollar check. We will talk to Joe about his early days growing up on the island of Guam and how life on the island being a little guy has helped him grow into the fighter he is now. How even at a young age he was forced to stand up for himself and how fighting has been a way of life since he was younger. Joe trains at Alliance MMA so we will talk to him about the wars in the gym and how he believes training with guys like Michael Chandler is a advantage for him. Joe can end a fight on the ground but has no problem standing toe to toe with you to throw some FIST-ta-CUFFS! Follow Joe on Twitter @BabyJuggernaut

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Listen to internet radio with FIST TA CUFF RADIO on Blog Talk Radio
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