Bisping Hopes The UFC Lets Him ‘Beat The $#!t Out Of Kennedy On National TV’

“I’ve fought the best athletes in the world, and some on short notice. If Tim Kennedy thinks he’s going to be the person I’m scared of-this is the person that dresses up as a f*cking ballerina-he’s crazy. He dresses like a woman on a regular basis just to get a bit of attention. It’s just embarrassing. And for the record, I have many times spoken to Joe Silva and Dana White and said, ‘Listen, let me shut this guy up once and for all.’ It comes down to their decision. He keeps going on like it’s me, and that I have the ultimate say so. That decision basically comes down to Joe Silva, and they’re trying to decide if I should waste one of my fight opportunities on a fighter of subpar caliber. They are weighing their options on whether it makes more sense to match me up with a better fighter to make the company more money, or if they should just let me get in there and beat the shit out of him for my own personal satisfaction. I’m hoping they go with the latter, and I get to beat the shit out of him on national TV.”

Tim Kennedy has gotten under the skin on Michael Bisping and ‘The Count’ wants his justice for it.

– Quote via Steph Daniels of

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