Bisping And Stann Discuss What’s Next For Frank Mir


At 35 years old, Frank Mir snapped a 4-fight losing streak last night when he defeated Bigfoot Silva by TKO in the 1st round. With 15 UFC wins, in 24 Octagon appearances, with a total professional record of 17-9, Frank Mir can still fight with the best.

Following his win over Bigfoot Silva last night at “UFC Fight Night: Porto Alegre” Micahel Bisping and Brian Stann discussed what’s next for Mir on the Fox Sports Live post-fight show.

Stann discussed the combination that set up the finish, saying:

“It was a jab left hook that’s supposed to set up a straight right hand. It shows you the boxing training that Frank Mir did for this camp and the accuracy he had. Can he make another run at that title? He’s already got two belts at home. He’s got to ask himself, what else does he have to prove?”

Bisping went on to talk about what’s next for Mir, saying:

“Frank Mir showed that at 35 years old, he still has the ability to compete in the heavyweight division. Everyone talked about black belts in jiu-jitsu for this fight, but it came down to good old fashion boxing.”