Bisping Says He’s Two Fights Away From Title Shot

Michael Bisping WINS

Michael Bisping is coming off of a win over CB Dollaway and hoping to make it two in a row when he fights Thales Leites in July.

The British fighter said, during a media conference call, that with a win over Leites he believes he’s only one win away from a title shot.

“Obviously my last fight defined my position amongst the elite in the UFC. If I get the job done against Thales, which, of course, I plan on doing that, with the greatest of respect, I think it certainly puts me in the discussion. Obviously Vitor [Belfort] is out of the window now.”

“We’ve got Rockhold and Jacare, which are the next two guys in shot. Let’s say Luke gets the next shot. By the time he’s at that fight, I’ll have beaten Thales Leites. I’ll almost be there. That’s always been my dream, my goal, and it still is. While I’m still in the UFC, I’m always going to [want to] be the world champion.

“I’m getting better all the time. I’m 36, but I still feel like I’m in my prime. I’m actually learning more and more as a martial artist, so I’m getting better. That’s always been the goal and it still is, believe you me.”

Would you want to see Bisping in a rematch with Rockhold or take on Jacare Souza?


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