Bisping On Fighting High: ‘I’d Be Wondering Why Everybody Was Staring at Me!’

Michael Bisping

It depends on people’s individual circumstances. If you’re a nervous wreck— you have a nervous disposition and you have a medicinal mariuana card because you have an anxiety issue— or people do claim that weed makes you more creative and things like that. Certain people that do jiu-jitsu they saw ‘Yeah, I get so creative!’. Me, personally, if I were to smoke weed I would get paranoid as f***. If I was in front of 20,000 people, I’d think, ‘Why is everybody staring at me?’”

Michael Bisping is preparing for his fight with CB Dollaway at UFC 186 and was recently asked by TMZ his opinion on fighters fighting while under the influence of marijuana. The holiday of 4/20 has passed and Bisping addressed the issue in a manner only he can.

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