Bisping: ‘Fighting Anderson Silva is no longer on my to do list’

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Fighting Anderson Silva was once a dream of UFC middleweight Michael Bisping. That dream has yet faded.

Silva was on top for so long and Bisping remembers looking up to the champ. Now, that the Brazilian has failed several drug test and is awaiting his hearing with the NSAC, Bisping isn’t really concerned with fighting the former champion.

Here’s what he said on a media conference recently:

“Anderson was, for a long time, a hero of mine. Even though we were in the same weight class and I wanted to fight him for so long, you could not-not admire and respect what he did inside the Octagon. Of course, the things that he did still stand, but there has been a bit of a cloud lately. So, it was a shame to hear about the test results. Of course, he says there is something wrong, so I don’t know. It’s just disappointing. Would I still love to fight the guy? Of course I would. I’d still love to get in there in the Octagon with him, but, he has fallen a little bit recently, so it’s not the burning issue that it once was. I’ve fought many guys over the years that have used performance-enhancing drugs, so I obviously have a very dim view of that. I have always been a hard-working and honest guy. The only that that I take are protein shakes, and that’s it. Only blood, sweat, and tears go into my preparation. I’ve had injuries in the past from guys who were on performance-enhancing drugs. In this sport, there is no place for that. We’re not trying to put balls through hoops, it’s a fight, so you shouldn’t be doing those things. So, anybody that does that, I immediately lose a lot of respect for. The sentence hasn’t been delivered and we yet to see what happens, so I reserve my judgement until the athletic commission makes their decision.”

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