Bigfoot Not Happy With Brazil’s Ban On TRT

“The way I see, he (Brazil’s Athletic Commission Leader, Marcio Tannure) wants to play the good guy role. He’s just being political because he was never against TRT. But I don’t judge him.

Everybody likes Dr. Tannure, he is a great person. He made a mistake with me and I was upset because he hasn’t admitted. But I understand why he didn’t, he is in charge of CABMMA, he is Flamengo’s (the most popular soccer team in Brazil) doctor, a lot of famous people have appointments with him. If he had admitted, his image would be damaged.

They thought that the prohibition was the best but who has proved to have a clinical need will be harmed. I will try to continue my career in the best way. I can’t retire, I was born to fight.”

Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva is supposedly one of the ‘Good Guys’ in the debate on TRT. With his obvious pituitary issue, he’s the guy who likely needs the therapy.

Currently serving an athletic suspension for improper use of TRT, ‘Bigfoot’ may be one of the casualties of the changed rule.


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