“Bigfoot” Confident Off TRT: ‘I had great performances without it’

“I had never done the TRT before that fight with Mark Hunt, I asked to do it just that one time. I had a major surgery on 2006 and I had great performances after that. Unfortunately, I had little success with TRT, the result wasn’t the expected. But I’ll work the same way, having a good feeding and supplementing. I had to do the TRT because of a proven health issue, not because of vanity, age or PED abuse in the past. I have a hypophysis disorder that increases the GH production and decreases the testosterone. But now there is this prohibition and it is what it is.”

The ban on TRT is effecting some more than others and in the case of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, he’s on the good side of things.

The Brazilian commented to the press earlier this week about the ban and how it will impact him.


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