Big John: ‘The UFC cage is too big and gives fighters room to flee’

John McCarthy responds to Daniel Cormier

big john

‘I think the original UFC cage is a little to big and gives too much room for fighters to flee. The cage that the UFC uses in some of their smaller shows is 25ft and I think that is the perfect size’

Sometimes smaller IS better. The size of the octagon has never been a controversial topic to casual fans, but diehards have been bickering for the UFC to implement a permanent change to the smaller octagon. “Fight Night” events tend to get a smaller octagon (25′ in diameter) while bigger cards like pay-per-view events get the “normal” sized octagon (30′ in diameter).

Recent studies by “Fightnomics” author Reed Kuhn revealed that the finishing rate in the smaller octagon is HIGHER than the normal octagon. When referee “Big” John McCarthy was asked if the octagon was too big for fighters, McCarthy was blunt stating that he thought it gave the fighters TOO MUCH room to run.

What do you think? Does the size of the octagon impact the outcome of the fights? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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