Bethe — ‘Ronda’s not all that people think’

Bethe Correia

Bethe Correia

“I was born a fighter. I have a warrior inside of me. I think it’s time to show Ronda is not all that people think she is. I know she’s been winning, but she shows a lot of holes in her game. To this day, every time I watch one of her fights, I keep waiting for something different to happen. I wait for her to show me MMA, some new move”.

“I’m ready to become the new champion. This is not just a title fight. It’s about defending our invincibility. She doesn’t want to lose it, I know she hates to lose, and so do I. I’m very competitive and I’m not mentally prepared to lose. I don’t think anyone is. So I’ll defend that with everything I have”.

UFC 190 headliner Bethe Correia tells Brazil’s media that she isn’t too concerned with Ronda Rousey’s MMA game.



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