Bermudez: “I Really Don’t Give A S*** About Conor McGregor”

Dennis Bermudez WINS

Dennis Bermudez is gearing up for his UFC 180 fight against former featherweight title challenger Ricardo Lamas. Riding a 7-fight win streak that saw him most recently submit Clay Guida, Bermudez doesn’t take too kindly to Conor McGregor potentially earning a title fight after going 4-0 in the UFC.

He gave his thoughts to Submission Radio.

“It’s bullshit yeah, but I mean I’m just trying to stick with what I’m good at. And right know it’s focusing on the guy in front of me and just worrying about this one win. If I keep winning, the belt is gonna land right across my lap.”

“I’ve been going about this (being polite) technique and it’s not really working for me you know, and I’m still over here fighting on co-co-main events and stuff like that, but I mean it will come. But I’m working on getting a little bit more vocal.”

When it comes to McGregor specifically, Bermudez had the following to say about a potential matchup between himself and ‘Notorious’.

“You know I’ve thought about it a little bit, because the day will come where we have to square up. I’ll probably just smile in his face and just be a gentleman, you know and just kinda kill him with kindness; and when time comes to go in the ring, he’s gonna kind of be like ‘oh man I can’t get this guy. How am I actually going to like get to this guy’, you know? Where I’ll be unfazed by that, and I mean if someone was talking to me in the ring and trying to clown me in the ring; like I’m gonna put my head in the middle of your chest and fucken give you some air miles to the other side of the cage.”

“For sure he’s definitely tough. He’s got good hands, who knows what his ground game is like, who knows what his endurance is like. Those are two aspects that I posses personally that I haven’t seen him get exposed in that department, but I mean so far he’s been talking the talk and walking the walk. So to beat a top five guy, I mean what can you really say, and he knocked him out in the first round. I mean alright.

“I really don’t try to dwell on this s*** because I really don’t give a s*** about Conor McGregor.”

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