Bermudez: ‘I Hope Aldo’s Injury Isn’t Some Boxing Bull’


Even though Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor are still set to clash in the main event of “UFC 189”, the champion’s rib injury is hanging over the event like a black cloud. Featherweight Dennis Bermudez threw in his two cents on the situation and hopes it doesn’t end up being drama compared to boxing.

“I hope it’s not some boxing bullshit,” Bermudez told Submission Radio. “Because I really like the sport, and Dana White has even said it before in fights where guys have won where they shouldn’t have won, he stepped up to the mic and said ‘you didn’t win that fight’. Like, ‘It sickens me that this commission said you won that fight but you…’. You know what I mean? And he’s like ‘I’m embarrassed to do business with this commission because they put on bullshit like that’. I like that. A sport where it’s fucken – even the NFL, you know, taking air out of balls and shit like that. You know? Come on.”

Bermudez had talks with his teammates at his gym and believes that there would be an opportunity for a big-money rematch if Aldo loses to McGregor.

“I mean Aldo is a bad dude, he’s a tough dude. I mean, McGregor, he’s a good too, man. I don’t know,” Bermudez said. “I talked with some of the guys today in the gym, [and they think] you know if McGregor wins it sets up and automatic rematch because Jose Aldo wasn’t 100 percent, and so on and so forth. ‘Cause at the end of the day it’s about money. But I don’t know.

“If I was in Jose Aldo’s shoes – I mean I don’t know, I’ve had bruises before, and like I couldn’t move for like two weeks. So I don’t….maybe he’s just totally taking that time to rest.”

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