Bermudez Disses Guida: His Best Days Are Over

Dennis Bermudez has been on a tear of the featherweight division as of late, he has won six straight fights in a row, and will look to increase that streak at UFC on Fox 12 this weekend against Clay Guida. Despite that, Bermudez and his camp were looking to fight someone better and higher in the rankings than Guida. Bermudez explained what he meant on The MMA Hour yesterday saying:

“We were shooting for someone a little more, I don’t know, someone more in their prime, if you will,” Bermudez said. “I think Clay Guida’s best days (are behind him).

“I think Clay Guida in his prime, which I think already passed, would beat Clay Guida now, if that makes sense.”

“I mean, Clay Guida, he’s a good fighter,” Bermudez added, looking on the bright side. “That’s why I’m pretty hyped about this. I really get to test myself and see where I’m at. The biggest aspect of this fight is that, in the MMA world, Clay Guida is famous, if you will. Everybody knows Clay Guida, people who don’t even know MMA. Whereas, on the other side of the spectrum, me, nobody really knows who I am. People who really follow MMA hard or really watch my fights know who I am, but not as many people as Clay Guida. So for me, beating Clay Guida is like, hey, I’m Dennis Bermudez, I’m here. Keep an eye on me now. I’m shooting for the title.”

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