Benson Henderson Stays Silent On Injury

Benson Henderson


Remember when UFC lightweight/welterweight Benson Henderson pulled out of his upcoming fight with Michael Johnson?

The fight was set for the TUF 21 finale in July, but got scrapped when Henderson pulled out for some reason that wasn’t disclosed to fans. Well, now we know what it was…sort of.

Henderson joined The MMA Hour on Tuesday and talked about the situation. He said he did have to pull out because of an injury suffered in training. And that injury was what Henderson?……

“I had an injury. I won’t be cleared for a little while. So, I had to respectfully bow out of that one. I was kind of disappointed in myself. But, you have to do what the doctors say because ultimately, they have to do the paperwork and sign off for you, and my doc wouldn’t do that. I’m not cleared, but I’ll be ready in, I’m hoping they will put me on the card in Korea in November. I am definitely willing to wait to be on that card. Training, man, it’s a rough sport. We get punched, kicked and choked. Your buddies, they train with you every day and they know your weak spots and what you are good at and what you are not good at. It was just training, it wasn’t even a hard sparring session. It was a nice and easy training session. You get injured, it’s the nature of the beast, I suppose.”

“I probably won’t ever say what exactly it is, you know? I will say it’s by far, because with some of those injuries, you’re hurt, you are injured, but the rest of your body feels perfectly fine. In that sense, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I felt fine, I wanted to go do whatever but not being allowed to even though the rest of your body feels just fine. But, I probably won’t ever fully disclose what it is. Maybe later on, sometime, but, you know, whatever.”

Well geez, thanks a lot Smooth. According to his scheduled opponent, Johnson, he heard the injury was eye related. Henderson said it was in that area, but wouldn’t elaborate. Any guesses?

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