Benoit: Late Kick To KO’d Pettis “Uncalled For”

sergio pettis vs ryan benoit

“I’ve got to take that one back. I obviously – I lost a little bit of control in that fight. But this is part of the sport. We’re supposed to be able to lose control. We’re supposed to be able to like to hit guys. I’m not saying that was justified whatsoever; that was completely uncalled for. Shame on me for doing that. It makes me look bad, it makes my gym look bad, it looks bad for the sport. All I can say is, in that moment when it was happening, I obviously saw that I clipped him. I went in for the finish, and I had him on his back. It really shocked me how long the referee let it keep going for. I think he gave him plenty of chances to keep coming back. Even when he turned over and he turtled, up I was hitting him and I was still kind of like, ‘Where’s the ref?,’ because he was done.

In a new interview with, UFC 185 winner Ryan Benoit talked about his kick to Sergio Pettis, after the bell.