Benavidez — I Would Beat ‘Mighty Mouse’ If I Fought Him Again


Joseph Benavidez fell short of relinquishing Demetrious Johnson as his role of UFC Flyweight Champion, but he’s confident he will be successful if given another chance.

Benavidez will be stepping into the octagon to face John Moraga in a flyweight match to kick off the main card of UFC 187. Currently ranked at number two in the flyweight rankings, a shot at gold isn’t far out of Benavidez’s reach with a victory.

“I feel I’m always right there,” Benavidez said. “It’s just kind of the logic of putting me there, because talent wise I think I’m always there and ready to beat everyone and give Demetrious the best fight he could handle. Of course, I believe I can beat him…”.

While Benavidez is confident that he could beat Johnson, he will have to prove to UFC matchmakers that he has improved since their previous two meetings. Benavidez failed to defeat Johnson for the vacant title at UFC 152, then again at their card on FOX.

“It’s just kind of the logic of the fights that make sense. I’m always ready for [a title shot]… it just depends if they want to come around, because it’s not easy to sell a third fight.”

Since his last loss against “Mighty Mouse”, though, Benavidez has gone 2-0 with victories over Tim Elliott and Dustin Ortiz. Do you think a win over Moraga this month should give Joe-Ben another title shot?

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