Ben Rothwell Calls For Fight Against JDS, Stipe, or Arlovski


Ben Rothwell is currently riding a 2-fight win streak, with wins over Brandon Vera, and most recently Alistair Overeem at the end of 2014.

Rothwell is looking to build upon the 2 wins and continue winning as he looks for a win over a top ranked heavyweight to crack the top 10.

He spoke to MMAJunkie to lay out his plan for 2015.

“I did ask for something at the end of May. I know that I’m on the radar for May. I’ve got to make sure my body is read for May. That’s what I’m planning for.”

“I threw my name out there for a few different opponents, but Joe Silva is ultimately going to make the call. He’s going to decide who’s available.”

“I said Junior Dos Santos would be great, Stipe (Miocic), especially after those two warred – and Stipe is a guy that’s on the top-10 that’s on a loss that I wouldn’t mind fighting because he is still ranked high. Andrei Arlovski, because he’s off of a win, he got bumped up ahead of me. All three guys are ranked ahead of me.”

“I can’t control who I’m going to fight, but I did ask. I said, ‘Please, I just want to fight somebody in the top-10 that’s ranked ahead of me.’ That’s who I’d like to fight. Obviously, preferably, you always want to fight a guy on a win.”

“I win my next two fights, I think I can go into it 100 percent, and I don’t think anyone can question it or deny it. I think beating that type of opponent in the next two fights, I think I’m free and clear to go ahead and call upon for a title fight. With a third win, I think I could have that belt.”