Bellator MMA’s Jordan Parsons Talks About Injury, Training, And PEDs- Exclusive

Jordan Parsons

Jordan Parsons

Jordan ‘Pretty Boy’ Parsons is a lightweight fighter currently on the Bellator MMA roster. You may remember him from his highlight reel knockout of Tim Bazer at Bellator 117 in April of last year. Parsons sports a 10-1 professional record and recently spoke with BJPENN.COM about his lay off, training and other hot topics in MMA.

Since that fight in April Parsons has been sidelined due to a torn meniscus. Apparently, the injury turned out to be worse than the doctors had first thought.

“Well, realistically, before I went to sleep they told me that I was only going to be out for two weeks. Then they put me under, then they woke me up and they told me that I was going to be out probably 6-8 months. It was tough in the first month, but I just kept coming to the gym, watching my teammates, helping them out, cheering them on during sparring. Going to peoples fights, be able to watch fights and stuff like that, just keeping my mind in it. Even though my body couldn’t be active I was keeping my mind there. After like two months I was able to put a little bit of weight on my leg and then I started being able to do some upper body lifting. Really it was just mentally staying strong was the biggest part of it.”

Parsons says that he like being an active fighter and would prefer to fight at least three times a year. He mentioned staying in the gym during his recovery. The gym he speaks of is none other then Team Alliance based out of Chula Vista, California. He talked to us about what it’s like training there.

“You’re not about to get a round off, no matter who you pick it’s a tough go no matter what. Even in the drilling, it’s just super hard, it’s like a college wrestling room most of the time and for me that’s made my mind so strong.”

Parsons attributes his growing confidence and improved skills to his move to Alliance. He looks forward to seeing how much his skills will improve after staying at Alliance longer.

“I’m honestly excited to see how high I can go. I just keep getting better and getting better, it’s like I’m only 24 years old, what’s it going to be like in the next couple of years?”

About that KO over Tim Bazer Parsons looks forward to getting back in there. He knows fighters considered him to be mostly a wrestler before, so he can’t imagine what their game-plan will be now that they know he has that kind of power in his hands.

“That excites me because before that everyone was worried about me wreslting them and holding them down or beating them up on the ground. Now it’s like they know, nobody wants to get hit like that and that’s just the honest truth. That dude was out for like 10 minutes. I was talking to him in the back and he didn’t even remember fighting me.”

He’s ready to get back in there and fight whoever, but Parsons did mention the name of a fighter he hopes to see in the cage in the future.

“As far as people that I really dislike, I don’t like Bubba Jenkins I just don’t like him. I hope to get my hands on him one of these days.”

The hottest and most talked about topic in MMA right now is PEDs and steroid use. So of course we were interested in getting Parsons thoughts on the matter.

“I mean you can go ahead and do that if you’re fighting against me, I’m not worried about anybody talking PEDs. For me personally, I think it’s just cheating. I think it’s cheating yourself. That’s like taking away reps on your sets of lifting weights or not doing as many drill sessions. If you’re taking PEDs you obviously don’t think you have enough.”

Keep your eyes out for Parsons next fight. He’s confident and sees only bright things in his future.

“I’m going to be faster, I’m going to be stronger. Every time I step in there, every fight that I have I feel like I get better.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | Twitter