Belfort: ‘Who deserves that title shot more than me?’

“Who deserves that title shot more than me? Come on. Look at what I did to the top two contenders. I defeated the world champion of Strikeforce. I defeated the No. 1 contender of the UFC, Michael Bisping. I not just defeated them, but I defeated them in (exciting) fashion… I guess sometimes you have to ask. So I’m asking. I did everything and now I’m asking. I’m asking for what I deserve. It’s not what I want, it’s what I deserve. And I deserve that. Everybody knows my history in the sport. I’m the T-Rex in this jungle, and I’m so mature; I’m so strong mentally, physically, spiritually, and also my skills, I’ve developed so much. I know that goal is about to be accomplished… I think we need to start having rules,” Belfort said of the UFC’s matchmaking. I’m in a position where I don’t earn [a title shot] for all I did and for all I’m doing. So I think, my perspective, I earned that shot. I think that fans, media, they all agree with that… I really believe Anderson deserves another chance at the title, but I think there’d be more interest in me and Chris, and then the winner will take Anderson. I think that’d be more sellable. Anderson has to rest. He doesn’t want to make any decision before that, and I respect what he did for the sport. But we cannot stop. We cannot stop a division because someone is waiting for a fighter to make a decision. What makes sense is me and Chris to fight. We could make that fight right now. We could sign the papers, sign the contract next week.”

Vitor Belfort took his campaign for a shot at the title to “The MMA Hour” this morning and plead his case as to why he believes he is the true number one contender.

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