NOT FAIR! ‘I’ve been tested 7 times, Wiedman only once’

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort

“In 2013, I was the only one (tested randomly). I was tested seven times for my fight with Weidman. Seven times. Did they test my opponent seven times?”

“The funny thing is that everybody is clean, nobody do anything wrong. But when they started testing everybody, how many got caught? Forty percent? That shows that for the system to work, everybody has to be tested equally. If they come test me for my fight with Weidman, they have to go test Weidman as well on the same date, same time. That’s an equal system. It has to be fair. It’s not fair that they test me seven times and only test him once.”

“We know how the system works these days. I don’t think the athlete does anything he doesn’t know, so I want them to test me every day. Come take my blood, my urine, but has to be equal for everyone.”

In a new interview with, Vitor Belfort discussed the current drug testing policies with the UFC, and hopes for some fair play.


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