Belfort: I Fought Weidman With Dislocated Shoulder

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort

UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort loss to the champion Chris Weidman at UFC 187.Belfort came out strong, catching Weidman with a punch, then following up with a classic Belfort blast. Unfortunately thats where things stopped going his way. Weidman survived and took the fight to the ground, where he dominated Belfort. After mounting him and punching him relentlessly the referee stopped the fight.

When the disappointed Brazilian returned home he held a press conference in his gym. He had plenty to say, including that he went into the fight with a dislocated shoulder. Oh and he also talks to himself.

“I spent too much energy there. If I took one step back, waited a little bit, I would have knocked him out. I’m sure I would have knocked him out. But I started to punch with the left hand, didn’t punch too much with the right hand because I dislocated my shoulder, so I wouldn’t be able to throw hard punches. That was his moment. He’s really tough on the ground.”

“You can’t throw a lot of punches and don’t get a bit tired, but it wasn’t my gas that stopped me from fighting. When we went to the ground, he used his weight and was able to land punches. That was his moment.”

“I spent six hours watching the tape. I was almost punching myself. I looked like those guys in a bar. How do you fight like that? Vitor Belfort and I discussed it. I said: ‘Why did you do that? Why didn’t you use your experience? Why didn’t you take a step back?’ Mistakes. You make mistakes and have to fix them.”

“My family supports me a lot. What is retirement? What is being old or young? Everything you do in the wrong time if bad. Everything has it time. As long as I have this desire, this joy, we might see me fighting in the Octagon until I’m 89. Is it possible?”

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