Belfort Disses Weidman, Says He’ll Only Strike “If He’s Crazy”

Yesterday Lyoto Machida stated that he believed Chris Weidman could stand and fight with Vitor Belfort, however Vitor has a different take. He believes if Weidman stands and strikes with him, he is foolish.

He spoke to Ag. Fight:

“He will fight standing against me only if he’s crazy. I’m ready to have a third world title at a third different weight class. I see a lot of openings from him and I’m studying this game since last year. I’m not focusing in his strengths but in his weaknesses and we saw that he has a lot. Motivates me the fact that I’m at this sport for almost two decades, training and fighting at a high level. Today I can ally the talent that I received from God with maturity and experience. I have gained my spot in different weight classes an this is something that nobody can take away from you.”

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