Belfort Admits To Taking Abnormally High TRT Dosage One Day Before NSAC Test

“I was doing a hormonal treatment and they asked for to do a drug test as if I were any other person. I took the shot the day before in Las Vegas. I usually took the dosage throughout a week, but this day I took the whole weekly dosage. So, on that day, my levels were a little high, but nothing absurd. The limit was 1,100, and I was at 1,200. Someone asked me the other day: ‘Vitor, are you clean now?’ I was never dirty,” he said. “I never did anything illegal, anything wrong. I never ran away from a test, I did everything I had to do. I even did that letter, applied for a license. I had no license in Nevada, but I was applying for one. I was always straight honest and correct not only with me, but with my family, coaches, fans and the UFC, who was by my side. I don’t know yet. I’m still waiting. All the exams were done, now it’s time to wait for my next fight and where it’s going to be. I want to be able to get my license in Nevada even because I’m doing everything, and I’m available for anything they need.”

In a recent interview with, Vitor Belfort explained the circumstances that lead to his failed drug test earlier this year.

Belfort managed to escape athletic suspension because he was out of competition and not a licensed fighter at the time of his failed test.

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