Baszler Slams Critics: This Bout Will Be A Big F*** You To Everyone

Shayna Baszler, one of Ronda Rousey’s stablemates, and a member of her ‘Four Horsewomen’ has a strong message for critics who doubt her abilities.

Steph Daniels from BloodyElbow spoke to Baszler about her fight against Bethe Correia this Saturday at UFC 177, and if Shayna thought it was personal.

I think it’s personal because of what people are saying about me and my team now. We’re not trying to be gang members. We live together. We train together. Someone referred to us as the Four Horsewomen, we did a picture and it became a thing. I think more so than Bethe herself, it’s more about everyone that’s running with it; ‘Screw them! They lost! They’re horrible!’ Because there are all kinds of undefeated teams everywhere. I think that makes it personal to me.

Not to sound cheesy and over the top, but it’s defending my family, I guess. I’m not defending my family so much against Bethe as it is everyone else that jumped on that bandwagon just because they lump us in with all the hate that Ronda gets. I don’t know, it’s like just because we’re more visible, people hate us, so they want to see us lose, and if we lose, we shouldn’t be a team. It’s ridiculous to me, and honestly, it’s made me a little jaded, and I’m taking that feeling towards the public and into this fight. It’s a pretty big “F you” to everyone.

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