Bas Rutten Picks The Winner Of Rousey vs. Cyborg




MMA legend Bas Rutten has given his take on a possible fight between UFC champion Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg.

Rutten spoke with Submission Radio about the matchup and had this to say:

“Cyborg I would have said a long time ago. Now, with Ronda is getting better in the striking and looking good at that, you know it’s going to be a hard fight. She needs only one clinch. Because if she has the clinch, I think she can take Cyborg to the ground. And once it goes on the ground, well we know that’s going to be a problem for Cyborg. So Cyborg needs to do…if I were her, man I would go to the Olympic training center in Colorado and I would train there with all the Olympic wrestlers. It’s the only thing I would do. Non-stop. And do not clinch. Whatever you do, do not clinch with Rousey because her hip throws, arm throws, all these things are really really good with her. You can’t stop it.

“Even when Cyborg is really strong, I think Rousey is in that same strength level almost. She has that natural strength, you can see the way she’s built you, can see her mind. More people say that now she’s like the female Mike Tyson. She has a whole mindset when she walks to the cage. Nobody can distract her. It’s tough cookie to beat man. She’s just very, very tough.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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