Bas Rutten Critiques Lyoto: “Machida Doesn’t Have a Lot of Weapons” | UFC NEWS

In a recent interview with Spencer Lazara from, Bas Rutten gave his opinion on Lyoto Machida. And quite an opinion it was..

Before he begins to talk about Machida, Rutten admits “I know Machida, and I’m going to get a lot of heat now..”. He then goes on to say “Machida doesn’t have a lot of weapons, but whatever he does, he does really well”.  Bas also mentions that “[Lyoto’s] attack is always the same”.

These are bold statements that many fight fans might take issue with. Lyoto Machida has always been known as an extremely dangerous and technical striker, finishing high level fighters such as Rashad Evans and Randy Couture in devastating fashion. Machida is also known for being very elusive and hard to figure out; contradictory to Bas Rutten’s thoughts. Do you think Bas is accurate in his statements on Machida?

As it turns out, he contacted after the interview to clarify that he meant to say that Lyoto Machida uses few weapons, not has few weapons. He claimed that he was in no way trying to discredit him.

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