Babalu : If you’re old step away, don’t take TRT

“Well, I cannot judge anybody, but I can tell you about myself, and how I feel about it in general. I don’t think this is fair to anybody. If you’re controlling your hormone level like that, it’s not really true. I think they should follow the Olympic games guidelines.

If you’re old, you should just step out of the sport. If you cannot fight because the testosterone levels are lower, you should retire.What can I say here? These are decisions I cannot make. There has to be commissioners that have to decide these things.

I would never use it [testosterone therapy] to keep fighting. If I ever had to use it for any kind of health problem outside of fighting, like if I had health issues, that would be different. But for fighting, no way. I think this is considered cheating.”

The worldly Renato ‘Babalu” Sobral has made a living for years inside a ring or cage around the globe. From the UFC to Strikeforce, Bellator and beyond this man has seen it all.

In his latest interview with’s Steph Daniels, he hit on the controversial TRT subject. For a man, who just retired due to aging, his opinion holds a lot of weight.

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