‘Babalu’ Disappointed in Sonnen’s Metamoris Performance — ‘He Stalled Too Much’

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Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Chael Sonnen met in the co-main event of “Metamoris 6”. The rules of Metamoris bouts state that a bout must end by submission within the twenty minute time limit or the result of the match will go down as a draw.

Sonnen took “Babalu” down early and forced him to carry his weight for the majority of the match. Needless to say, “Babalu” was not too thrilled with how it played out.

“It was a good match, despite the fact that he stalled a lot,” Sobral told MMAFighting. “I couldn’t tap him. I did my game, but couldn’t finish him.”

Sobral tried his hardest to submit Sonnen from the bottom, but Sonnen’s sweat aided his escape multiple times. There were moments when it looked like Sobral had a good grip on an armlock, but Sonnen would pinch his hand between the mat and his leg to prevent the hold from getting locked in.

“I expected him to actually try to defeat me. He didn’t want to fight,” Sobral said. “It was a monologue. I attacked him for 20 minutes and he defended himself for 20 minutes. I thought he would actually try to submit me.”

Chael Sonnen seems to be campaigning for a return to Metamoris so he can challenge heavyweight champion Josh Barnett. Is this a match you would want to see? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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