Attorney Plans to Bring Jon Jones’ Case to Grand Jury

Jon Jones

Jones Goodbye

Details surrounding Jon Jones’ case have been scarce, but details are starting to form on what is the next step for the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

In April, Jon Jones allegedly caused a three car accident and fled the scene. One of the women driving the cars was pregnant and apparently suffered an injured arm. She reported that she saw Jones flee the scene after the crash.

Now, Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Bradenburg believes the case will be making its way to a grand jury, MMA Fighting reports. DA spokesperson Kayla Anderson claims all they are waiting for is evidence.

“We have requested the outstanding evidence and our office anticipates moving forward when we have a completed case,” Anderson said. She proceeded to claim that, though the sixty day period where the state can bring the case to a grand jury expires this Monday, the state does not have to file new documents since Jones is out of custody.

While the physical evidence of what was in Jones’ car at the time of the incident has been recovered, Anderson says the state is waiting on the victim’s medical reports and emergency vehicle’s dispatch report from the Alburquerque Police Department.

“Proceeding with the case without discovery could lead to the dismissal of the case altogether,” she said.

The future of Jon Jones’ court case could get very interesting. If the case is dismissed, when do you expect to see him in the octagon?

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