ATT Coach Discusses Teammate vs. Teammate Bouts Within The Camp

hector lombard

American Top Team is one of the top gyms in the world, under one roof, in the 170 division alone they house #1 contender Robbie Lawler, Tyron Woodley, Hector Lombard, Thiago Alves, Ben Saunders, and Colby Covington, and with Robbie Lawler fighting for the title on December 6th, there could be several ATT teammate vs. teammate matchups in the future if Lawler wins.

With a stacked lineup like that, it’s no secret that the welterweight talent at American Top Team will eventually be forced to fight one another some day.

ATT coach Ricardo Liborio himself will be facing a former teammate at ADCC 2015 next year.

He spoke to MMAFighting about teammate vs. teammate bouts saying:

“We have Robbie Lawler, Tyron Woodley, Hector Lombard, Thiago Alves, Ben Saunders, Colby Covington. We have a lot of great talents at 170. What can we tell them? There’s only one belt and they understand it.”

“If they have to fight, they have to fight. We can do different camps for both. We wouldn’t like to see it happening, but they eventually will have to fight. At the end of the day, it’s an individual sport,”

“We’ve talk about this for a long time. They understand it, but I won’t be in anyone’s corner. Tyron and Hector, I train them both. Don’t ask me for advice, anything. I’m out. Whoever wins, ATT wins.

“Tyron fighting Hector would be easier because Tyron sometimes trains in his own gym, so we could find a way to support them both. But I would never get involved in this. I would be watching it at home.”

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