Assuncao Says No To Faber Bout, Wants Better Opportunity

Raphael Assuncao Wins PNG

“That would be a good fight, but I just feel that right now, I should be sitting back and waiting for a better opportunity, like say a championship fight. Urijah had his chance like four or five times in front of me, you know? But I can’t deny that it makes sense, so be it, but I’d rather sit and wait right now. Urijah is a tough fight, I’d love to avenge that loss, it’s just that I’m a little bit ahead of that rematch. It was so long ago, he had his chances and he lost. He’s on a one-fight win streak, so I’d like to be in a position of a contendership status than to take a rematch.”

In a recent interview with “The MMA Hour” top UFC bantamweight Raphael Assuncao discussed the current landscape of his division and what he wants out of it.

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