Arlovski Tears Up While Discussing Victory Over Friend Travis Browne

Watch as UFC heavyweight Andrei Arlovski gets emotional talking about having to beat up his friend Travis Browne.

“Of course it’s nice to have a victory, but deep inside … bad feelings. I feel like it’s exactly what I said, like I punched my mother or father … my brother. Victory is victory, of course. I’m happy I made some money. Hopefully it’s the first and last time I fight my friend.”

“I told him, ‘Listen, brother Travis. I’m sorry to whoop your ass.’ He’s a real gentleman guy. I’m talking right now and have tears in my eyes.”

“(I told him) ‘Don’t ever f—ing say you’re sorry. You understand? I love you man. You better go get that strap now, you hear me? It’s your job.'”

“Listen, I’m not a 20, 25 year-old guy who doesn’t give a f— about friendship. Who just thinks about money. With experience you have different priorities in your life. Friendship for me, right now, is more important than being on top.”

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