Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson: ‘I was young and stupid in first UFC stint’

Anthony Johnson is a familiar face for UFC fans.

The former welterweight fighter is notorious for his string of failed weigh-in attempts while under his first stint with the promotion. The multiple failures to make weight, eventually lead to his release.

Having bounced back from those dark times, ‘Rumble’ is set for a co-main event, at 205lbs, this weekend in Baltimore. A transition he credits to his growth as a man.

“I was young and stupid. Plain and simple. Stupid in the cage, stupid out of the cage. I was just stupid back then. I was just making dumb choices and not doing things the way I needed to. Just young and dumb and not caring as much as I should have. I can’t say I didn’t care because I did care. But my head just wasn’t completely in it.

“I don’t blame UFC and Dana for cutting me. They did what they had to do and I respect that.”

“When I was first in UFC I was just an athlete that didn’t know much and was just relying on natural ability to get by. Now, I’m someone who actually loves the sport. It was fun back then, but it’s more fun now. I had to mature.”

“I finally hit the wall where I had no choice but to grow. Everybody has to go through that in their life. Every man has been through that point in their life where they think they know everything. You just have to hit that wall where you just realize I don’t know everything, and that’s when you start accepting things and become willing to expand your mind and learn.”

(Quotes via the Las Vegas Review Journal)

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