Anderson Taking Up Silva Family Trade, Training To Be A Cop In Los Angeles

Men in the Silva family are police officers. Anderson’s brothers, uncles, nephews, all cops.

“I train every morning, take my kids to school and go to the police school,” Silva told the Brazilian media. “I’m studying at the Los Angeles School Police Department. I’m studying to become a police officer.”

“It’s a personal wish, something that will make my uncle happy. He thought it was a little weird that I’m not doing this here (in Brazil), but it wasn’t the right time. My brothers are police officers, my nephews are police officers. It’s a family thing.”

While Silva may be enlisted in the LAPD program to become an office, the former middleweight champ has no interest in replacing his gloves for a uniform. Silva cites only the need to honor his uncle as the motivator for completing the schooling.

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