Anderson Silva’s Drug Test Was Negative And Here’s Proof

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva, former UFC middleweight champion and p4p best fighter in the world, has been sidelined due to a failed drug test that showed the use of steroids.

Silva is currently awaiting a hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission but it looks like some interesting things are coming to light.

We know that Silva took two tests in a two-minute time period before UFC 183 and his fight with Nick Diaz. The urine samples were sent to two different labs to be tested. One, came back positive for steroids, but the other came back negative. Quest Diagnostics and Sports Medicine Research & Testing Laboratory were the two labs. The positive test came from SMRTL.

Here’s proof of the negative test, that was sent to Quest Diagnostics, from Na Grade do MMA, a Brazilian based blog.


So, why wasn’t this released and talked about when the other test came back positive? Simple, it didn’t have to be mentioned:

“I consulted the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) on the reasons why this test has been ignored in the process. The case’s prosecutor, Christopher Eccles, explained that the negative results are no grounds for making a complaint, but those who give positive. That is, it is not required to include this examination in the records and chose not to do so. But why, then, this test never went public? Simple: because no one had ever asked. The commission is not required to disclose or warn that this result has to hand, or even that the examination was effect, if no request to have it displayed.” via Na Grade do MMA’s Jorge Correa.

Obviously this will be used by Silva’s people to fight the results of the other test, but do you think it will be enough to clear his name?

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