Anderson Silva No Shows at UFC Media Event, Fined $50,000


The UFC’s somewhat excentric and very talented Middleweight Champion has been fined for missing a media event in Los Angeles. Instead of fulfilling his obligations to the UFC he hopped onto the next flight home and chose to pay the penalty of which was stated by Dana White to be a sum of $50,000.

UFC President Dana White spoke to USA Today Sports and about Anderson Silva’s absence:

“We had a full media day set up for him in Los Angeles, and he just decided he didn’t want to do it, so he’s being fined $50,000. He doesn’t like talking to the media, but it’s part of his contractual obligation,” said the upset UFC President.

“Everybody wants more money, more money, more money, but nobody wants to sell the fight or go out and talk to the media. Talking to the media is part of your job, whether you like it or not.”

This is not the first time we have seen this kind of behavior from arguably the best pound for pound fighter in mixed martial arts. Anderson Silva is notorious for keeping his mouth shut prior to his first fight with Chael Sonnen; a moment in UFC history that Dana White would surely love to forget.

He has also had his less favorable moments inside the octagon if we look back to fights with Demian Maia and Thales Leites. Fights that saw the Middleweight Champ skate through five rounds with little effort given and little risk taken.

So should we be so surprised that Silva pulled a ‘Nick Diaz’?

He has never missed such an event before, and he has certainly never missed a fight. Nor has he lost one in the UFC. But he may start garnering rage from Dana White much like the rage that led White to threaten to cut him leading up to the Sonnen fight.

Either way odds are he will make it to his upcoming bout against Chris Weidman this July; A  match-up hardcore fight fans have been itching to see for some time now.

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