Anderson Silva to Jose Aldo — ‘Please hit McGregor a lot’

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“Aldo said what we needed to hear. He’s the king, Chad Mendes is the prince and McGregor is the joker. Enough said. I think that McGregor is a cool guy but Aldo is a lot cooler. Aldo is my brother until I die. Hit him a lot, Aldo. Please, do it. Hit him a lot.”

“It’s impossible to compare them. McGregor has no condition of facing Aldo. How would he do this? How? Do you think that this boy will bear what Mendes could? Never! I would run from Aldo if he were at my weight class. I would not be silly of fighting him.”

During a recent chat with GLOBO, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva talked about the pending featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor.