Anderson Silva: ‘God Wanted Me To Retire’

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva recently reflected on his last two losses to, now champion, Chris Weidman.

Silva told Citizens of Humanity that he was unfocused for his first fight with Weidman, which led to his loss, but was completely ready for his rematch. Unfortunately things didn’t go his way and he suffered that terrible leg break.

Silva says he believes that was a sign from God, telling him to retire from fighting.

“The second fight, I was completely ready for. God gave me a signal there: ‘Dude, you gotta stop. You have to stop. I gave you a sign; you didn’t understand…’ But more than that, it was about being able to see yourself, to see yourself, which is very hard, and realize, ‘Darn, I’ve been doing everything wrong.’ “

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