Why Was Anderson Silva Allowed To Fight?

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Fans and fighters around the world are asking themselves one question today…

Why was Anderson Silva allowed to fight following his failed drug test?

Things don’t look good for the UFC, especially on the heels of the Jon Jones testing fiasco from a few weeks back.

However, before you conspiracy theorists start working overtime, we have a very logical explanation from the NSAC Chairman (Via Yahoo Sports), who states that the results from the January 9 test only became available on Feb. 2.

“I would have had no problem calling the fight once I had this result,” Aguilar said. “Those are not acceptable substances. But at the very least, by doing this out-of-competition test, we found this. We wouldn’t have known had we not done the out-of-competition test… “The time lapse is unacceptable,” Bennett said. “We’ve made arrangements with the lab to make sure we get the results within seven days and they are working hand in glove with us on this.”

Still, this explanation doesn’t satisfy this man, an MMA Columnist and expert in the field: