Alvarez Slams Nate Diaz: ‘F*ck You! You’re F*cking Next!’

Flipping the bird

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“Look, Nick and Nate, we’ve been pretty cool. I’ve seen them at other promotions. We crossed paths at DREAM before, Nick saw my nose bleeding and offered me some medicine to help out. They always seem like super respectful, nice dudes. Even Nate, I am cool with him. But, when I went there to Mexico, Nate just kind of changed his tune completely. Like, I guess that’s how he is when you’re fighting one of his teammates. I get it, he takes this shit personally, he takes it serious. I get it. But, it was just kind of weird for someone to be kind of cool with you, and then out of nowhere, they are looking at you hard every time they see you and shit. So, I kind of confronted him about it, and at the weigh-ins, I went up to him and said, ‘Yo, what the fuck is going on? I’ve always been cool with you and your brother, why do you keep looking at me like this for?’ And, he sort of looked at the ground, he wasn’t looking at my face and he was sort of explaining himself like, ‘Well, you’re fighting my boy,’ and this and that. Then he looked up at me and said, ‘So, fuck you.’ So I said, ‘Well fuck you too, what the fuck? If you’re really going to be like that, then you are fucking next!’ Like, what are you being like that for? It was really stupid. As if I have something personal against Gilbert Melendez. I don’t know Gilbert Melendez, I can never have something personal against him. I was there for a check, just like every other fighter there. Like, I didn’t pick out Gilbert Melendez. I got a bout agreement in the mail saying I’m fighting him next, so I signed it. I don’t have any personal issues with anyone in the lightweight division. I’m there for a check, just like everyone else. And then he (Nate) says that dumb shit and he’s looking at me, it’s foolish. It’s really stupid. If that gets him riled up, then whatever. He just hasn’t been fighting and has a lot of pent up stuff, or whatever. It’s whatever, it happened and it’s over with.”

Eddie Alvarez discussed an scene that took place while he was in Mexico for UFC 188. He told The MMA Hour that he’s always had respect for the Diaz bothers, but that Nate was giving him bad looks the whole time they were there. Do you think a fight between these two make sense?

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